Delina Ethiopian Food

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Learn the Skills 

Delina now offers cooking classes, every Friday7-9pm, Saturday from 11-1pm and 3-5pm where you can learn how to cook authentic Ethiopian food for yourself! This is a great fun, for people of all ability levels, where we use simple cooking techniques and teach you how to prepare fresh and healthy dishes including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals. We use key ingredients that are essential to Ethiopian cooking, such as organic spices, herbs, legumes and multi-grains. You can even buy our much-loved, original spices listed at the bottom of this page.

Please get in contact to find out more and book a place! We also provide private lessons at your own convenience.

"These cooking classes are absolutely brilliant! We thoroughly enjoyed it and learned lots too! It was especially kind of Nazareth to invite us into her own home. We are really looking forward to trying out the delicious recipes at home. I have been telling all my friends about it, so hope that you have more coming your way soon!" - Catriona Mckenzie, happy customer

Buy our Spices

Browse and purchase traditional Ethiopian spices offered by Delina Ethiopian Food.

Berbere is a fine ground pepper mixture and is the key ingredient of all key wet (red stews). It’s a combination of chili pepper and sun dried wild spice and herbs including garlic, ginger, basil, cardamom, rue, nigella and fenugreek. 

Mitin Shiro is a spicy ground chickpea powder. Shiro is excellent for thickening any casseroles and stews.

Teff flour is used to make the traditional bread, injera, nutritious with a distinct taste and a rich, nutty flavour. High in fiber and iron, it boasts 17 times the calcium of whole wheat or barley and is 100% gluten free.

Teff flakes are high in dietary calcium, iron, protein, and fiber and 100% gluten free. Cooks fast or just add milk to turn into nutritious and filling porridge or add fruits for home made muesli.

Contact us today for more information about our spices.